What Ever Happened To Busta Rhymes?

busta young

Why was Busta Rhymes famous?

Born Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr, the reggae influenced rapper; Busta Rhymes first entered the music business as part of the Leaders of the New School – an East Coast hip hop band. The band got its first big break in 1993 when they were the opening act for famous group Public Enemy at Long Island.

But it didn’t take Rhymes long to get a taste for fame and go it alone.

It wasn’t until 1996 that Rhymes really came to our attention with his first solo single: Woo Hah! (Got You All in Check) and soon became known worldwide for this rapid rhyming. This single along with It’s a Party soon became club favourites with the entire world dancing to his beat.

Once he became a worldwide phenomenon the son of Jamaican Immigrant Seventh-Day Adventist parents, Rhymes began touring with the likes of De La Soul and Puff Daddy. This led on to some of his most famous music going viral including: Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (1997) and What’s It Gonna Be? (1999).

But, it wasn’t just the music scene Rhymes was leading; he also stepped into the film making business. After directing many of his own music videos, he went on to star in some iconic films, including Higher Learning featuring Ice Cube in 1995 and the remake of Shaft in 2000.

Whilst Rhymes had made many albums, it was his sixth one in 2006; The Big Bang that really dominated the music charts. After selling 209,000 copies of the album in its first week alone, he earned himself the top spot on the US Billboard 200. This album was also his highest achieving one here in the UK, peaking at number 19.

However, on July 13 Busta Rhymes announced he had left his longstanding record label; Cash Money and was no longer with Republic due to “creative differences” – sounds dodgy!

Where is Busta Rhymes now?

Well firstly, he got super-fat.

busta fat 2015

Whilst the career of Rhymes has been a success musically, he has been known for his legal controversy – with 2006-2009 being a bit of a rocky year for the rapper.

With 2006 witnessing the rapper being charged with assault, 2007 seeing him plead guilty to assaulting a van driver and 2009 being the year he handed over a whopping $75,000 in compensation to a concert goer who was the victim of an assault occurring in 2003 – it’s no wonder the 42 year old has kept his head down.

But, despite the controversy the dad of three has been busy taking part in Toyota adverts and sticking to family life.

However, he is rumoured to have a tour set to take place in 2016.  Rhymes is currently in his recording studio working on as many as eight songs – but with security firmly on the studio’s doors, no one can hear a peep.

Although this isn’t the first time Rhymes has been rumoured to be making a comeback – fans will have to continue to wait anxiously.

Despite Busta’s time taking with his latest album he has been pretty vocal in the press recently giving his opinion on hip hop in 2014. When interviewed by XXL in June 2014 Rhymes’ argued that today’s hip hop “lacks balance” with past examples (such as him) demonstrating more “forward thinking”.

So, what’s the future for Busta Rhymes? Who knows – maybe we’ll get that long awaited album?