Dave Grohl’s Finest Moments

The world of rock music is known for many things. If Ozzy isn’t biting the head off a bat (or dove) then Lemmy is attacking the press for making his antics in the bedroom tamer than they actually were or Axl Rose is making out with girls to add unique backing tracks to his songs (listen to My Michelle … you’ll see what we mean).

Amidst all this chaos, it’s surprising that anyone can keep their heads above water yet Dave Grohl has still managed to carve a name for himself as the “nice guy of rock”.

Somewhat surprising considering his heritage as the tub-thumping drummer from Nirvana who had their own tragedy with the early suicide of frontman Kurt Cobain, Dave was perhaps so close to the destructive influence that rock ‘n’ roll can have that he managed to go completely the other way.

Now the frontman of Foo Fighters and involved in various other projects (Probot and Tenacious D), he’s world-known for being generous, kind and an all-round cool guy.

Here are some of his best moments.

When he made a solo album …. literally

The Foo Fighters regularly sell out gigs and there’s no doubt you’re familiar with the line-up of men. What might come as a surprise is that Dave actually wrote, recorded and produced the first album himself.

He played every single instrument and sung every line, recording the album in stages before mixing it all together.

The entire record is claimed to have been created in just one week as his way to get over the death of Kurt Cobain which makes it both poetic and pretty impressive.

dave grohl

When he went above and beyond for trapped miners

You don’t get a title like “nice guy of rock” just by pouring your blood, sweat and tears into albums and avoiding the typical downfalls of drugs and women. No, you have to do much better than that. And Dave has – and does – repeatedly.

A classic example includes when two Australian miners became trapped and asked for an iPod containing Foo Fighters music to be sent to them to help pass the time and stop them focusing on the fact they were stuck underground.

Getting whiff of the story, Dave decided that this simply wasn’t enough. He not only sent a personalised note with the iPod of music but on that note he promised the miners two free tickets to a live show and two cold beers.


When he dressed up in music videos and didn’t care

More than just a charitable guy who gives up his time (and free tickets), Dave is known for being a doting father who phones home to say goodnight to his kids even if he’s getting ready to play to a crowd of thousands.

Many think that his happy-go-lucky attitude is the secret to his likeability and success as a father and you need only look at any of the music videos he’s stared in for evidence of this.

From donning a full suit and make-up to become the devil in Tenacious D’s hit song Tribute (did we mention he is the drummer on all of the band’s studio albums too?) to embracing everything from 70s soap stars to big handed freaks in his own videos, he certainly isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself.

His multiple cameos on the video for Learn to Fly has to be one of the best clips of Dave at his best though. There’s barely a role he doesn’t play (our favourite has to be the crying baby).

When he throws fighters out of gigs

Many people claim to be lovers not fighters, but for Dave this isn’t just a claim. It’s the reality. He is known for not pulling any punches (pun intended) when it comes to tackling violence at his shows and regular evicts crowd members who he catches starting fights and generally ruining other people’s fun.

For Dave, it’s all about giving the fans what they want – good music and the opportunity to let loose. This does not mean carte blanche for anyone who wants to start a ruckus though and fighting is strictly not tolerated. Dave’s fans have a good time at his gigs. It’s good, safe fun. No fists allowed.

Don’t believe us? Just checking out this clip of Dave telling a crowd member in, erm, no uncertain terms that his presence is no longer welcome after catching him fighting.