Have You Ever Wondered What The First Things Famous Celebrities Tweeted Was?

It’s hard to believe given its popularity  these days, but there was once a time when Twitter wasn’t so mainstream.

Not only were celebrities not on the networking site,  many of those of were didn’t understand it.

Of course that has changed now, but we thought it would be good fun to go back through the annals of time to discover how celebrities first embraced Twitter with their first Tweet.

What we found was a mix of  the confused, the funny, and the downright stupid!

Kevin Spacey was all set to start exploring something new

Danny DeVito was feeling the heat

Steve Carell was in

Ben Stiller was in need of an update

John Legend was seeing what all the fuss was about

Macklemore was confused

Chris Evans was playing a game, but losing

Joseph Gordon-Levitt thought he was using a camera

Jackie Chan was fearful

Jean Claude Van Damme was late to the party

Neil Patrick Harris ran out of characters

Tom Hanks wanted a mic that worked

Ashton Kutcher revealed he would suck at cricket

Demi Lovato just wanted to finish school

Ed Sheeran needed convincing

Carly Rae Jepsen referred to herself in third person

Sia was just getting started with her first Tweet

Charli XCX was loving chocolate

will.i.am was fighting back

Oprah was catching up

Tinie Tempah was asking – have you heard about the bird?

Annie Mac wasn’t hungover

Kim Kardashian was worried about fake things

Taylor Swift was finally feeding her cat

Kylie Minogue was really excited

Andy Murray was leaving the States

Joey Essex was looking for an escape route

Mo Farah was impressed with his time

Eminem was promoting himself

Katy Perry was feeling down

While Robert Downey Jnr was just too cool for school