Catherine Bell Opens Up About Her Time On The Good Witch

Catherine Bell, most famous for her role on JAG in the 90’s, didn’t go away. In fact, we’ve run an entire piece on what happened to Catherine Bell after her tenure on JAG came to an end.

Recently, Catherine spoke with Reel Life With Jane and she had some interesting words about her time as The Good Witch.

catherine bell discusses the good witch

Catherine Bell shares what she loved most about working on “The Good Witch”:

I love this character. We just got renewed for season three a few days ago. I was really excited. My producer reminded me that this is going to be the tenth year that we’ve been making “Good Witch” movies or series. And just from the very first one, it was always so whimsical and fun and sweet and inspiring. It just made me feel good playing the character.

So often, I’m on set, and maybe I’m having a bad day. We film in Toronto, my family’s in L.A., and I might be handling some homework crisis at home or whatever’s going on. And there I am, and there’s Cassie’s saying some beautiful thing to someone to inspire them and to get them to look at the positive side of life. And it actually affects me!

I’ve had days where I’m having a not great day, and there I am saying these lines. And as I’m saying them, it’s reminding me of those lessons as well. It’s kind of the cool, positive effect for me…. I literally find myself being inspired by Cassie.

One of Catherine Bell’s favourite parts of working as an executive producer as well as playing Cassie on the good witch was that she had input on the storylines and the direction in which the show headed.

It’s nice to be able to call a producer and say, “Hey, you know, I really feel like…” At one point, we had a couple of different love interests for Cassie, and it was almost too much in one direction. I wanted to reel it in and go in this other direction. And they were like, “You know what, we’re on the same page,” and we were able to sit down and have a meeting about it and steer things a different way. They’re very, very open to my input, whether it’s about my character or other characters or just storylines.

Creating the show as well when we went from movies to series, we knew that there had to be some changes so that it would be watchable every week. Things like Cassie couldn’t be perfect and know everything all the time. In the movies, that was fine, but weekly, I thought that would get pretty annoying. So, we sat down and talked about that. What could throw her? Oh, a teenage daughter could throw her. Oh, a handsome neighbour next door could throw her.

These days, there are dozens of TV shows and movies about magic. Some of them better than others. But Bell feels that The Good Witch has a certain, erm, magic about it that sets it apart from the competition.

It’s kind of amazing. We made one movie every year. People kept tuning in, and seven years later, now we’re a series. I think, to me, the show is always a question of: Is Cassie a witch or isn’t she? Does she have magic or not? She’s extremely intuitive and understanding of people and positive, but does she have a little something else? So, it’s a little more vague, and I think it leaves more to people’s imagination as opposed to true witches and warlocks and magic spells.

And in the question that is always on everyone’s lips – will Catherine Bell ever consider a guest role in NCIS (the mega-successful spinoff series of her own show, JAG)?

We talked about that for a while. My fans keep asking and the producers of that show were thinking…I haven’t had time. My off time has been their off time, as well. But there was some talk of having my character guest star on that show, which would be really fun, I would love that. And actually John Jackson, who played our admiral on JAG, he guest starred. Let’s do it.