18 Celebrities You Won’t Recognise In These SHOCKING Photos Without Makeup

We’re used to seeing our favourite stars looking glam, but these photos show that when the armies of hair and makeup artists aren’t on standby, these celebrities without makeup can be a hit or miss.

18. Jennifer Lawrence
jennifer lawrence without makeup

She starred in the Hunger Games and Jennifer Lawrence looks virtually unrecognisable while doing a grocery run in a simple grey sweater.

17. Anne Hathaway
anne hathaway without makeup

Anne Hathaway is one of the few celebrities that looks practically flawless as she leaves the house without any makeup.

16. Kelly Clarkson
kelly clarkson

The reality TV winner has had a very public battle with her weight and in a leather jacket and no makeup, it’s hard to believe these photos are of the same person.

15. Kathy Griffin
kathy griffin without makeup

Comedienne Kathy Griffin is not one to slap on a full face of makeup when heading out for a day at the beach.

14. Deborah Messing
deborah messing without makeup

Glammed up for her new show, Smash, Debra Messing looks slightly less than her usual ravishing self without an army of beauticians behind the scenes.

13. Sofia Vergara
sofia vergeva without makeup

She is the highest paid TV actress in Hollywood, but without a staff of beauticians to help her out off-set, she’s decidedly less glam.

12. Katie Couric
katie couric without makeup

It’s always refreshing to see celebrities like Katie Couric who aren’t afraid to show off their gorgeous, natural skin.

11. Kate Moss
kate moss without makeup

She is one of the most photographed women in the world, but that certainly doesn’t mean that supermodel is camera-ready all the time. The gorgeous Brit is usually perfectly comfortable showing off her makeup-free face every now and again.

10. Kate Hudson
kate hudson without makeup

We all know that Kate Hudson is an absolute bombshell when she steps out on the red carpet, but as we see here, she’s just an average looking girl when the hair and make-up artists aren’t on standby.

9. Tyra Banks
tyra banks without makeup

Tyra Banks looks completely different, but still a natural beauty, without any of her usual makeup on.

8. Sharon Stone
sharon stone without makeup

One of the most beautiful actresses of the nineties, Sharon Stone shows that even in her 50’s and without makeup, she can still blow us away with her natural beauty.

7. Nicolette Sheridan
nicolette sheridan without makeup

She may have been a desperate housewife, Nicolette Sheridan looks anything but without her makeup as she heads back from the gym.

6. Madonna
madonna without makeup

She may be the Material Girl on stage, but off stage and without makeup,  it’s hard to recognise her as the same person.

5. Lindsay Lohan
lindsay lohan without makeup

Famous trainwreck, Lindsay Lohan, shows just how much she relies on makeup to achieve her good looks.

4. Katie Holmes
katie holmes without makeup

She gained fame as a girl-next door in Dawson’s Creek but Tom Cruise’s ex, Katie Holmes is still a natural, girl-next-door without the Hollywood makeup.

3. Janice Dickinson
janice dickinson without makeup

She’s dubbed herself “The World’s First Supermodel” and has probably had more surgery than the rest of them, combined, but without makeup, Janice Dickonson looks anything but the part of a glamorous celebrity.

2. Courtney Cox
courtney cox without makeup

We hope we look as good as Courtney Cox when we’re pushing 50 and step out with no makeup. The Friends star looks flawless with and without.

1. Diana Ross
diana ross without makeup

It may come as a shock, but even divas like Diana Ross have to make a run to the grocery store once in a while – and, like us, she’s chosen to go without makeup this time.