17 Celebrities Caught Peeping At Cleavage

1. Ellen DeGeneres Gets Right Up In Katy Perry’s Cleavage

ellen degeneres blatantly oggles katy perry boobs

2. Katy Perry Pays It Forward, Taking In Rihanna’s Vibe

katy perry rihanna

3. Justin Bieber Caught Checking Out Selena Gomez

justin bieber caught checking selena gomez boobs

4. John Kerry On The Campaign Trail

john kerry caught peeping students

5. Jake Gyllenhaal Checking Out Jennifer Aniston

jake gyllenhaal stares at jennifer aniston boobs

6. Hilary Clinton Oggling Christina Aguilera

hilary clinton peeping at christina aguilera cleavage

7. George Clooney Sneaks A Peek At Stacy Keibler

george clooney checking out stacy keibler cleavage

8. David Beckham Checks Out A Cheerleader

david beckham caught checking cheerleader

9. Bruce Willis Makes No Secret Of Staring At Halle Berry

bruce willis caught peeking at halle berry

10. Scarlett Johansson

someone caught looking scarlett johanneson

11. P Diddy Surreptitiously Checking Out Jessica Biel

sean puffy coombes caught perving jessica biel

12. Woody Allen Cut To The Chase With Scarlett Johansson

scarlett johansson cleavage peeked by woody allen

13. Russell Brand Lives Up To Reputation With Kristen Bell

russell brand perving kristen bell

14. Robert Pattinson Spying Christina Ricci

robert pattinson staring at christina ricci cleavage

15. Robert Pattinson Oggles Reese Witherspoon

robert pattinson busted staring at reese witherspoon boobs

16. Prince Charles Lunges At A Soldier

prince charles caught grabbing soldier

17. Christina Hendricks

christina hendricks