12 Best Celebrity Tattoos

Hollywood sure does love their ink – with tinsel town turning tattooing into a trend the rest of us average Joe’s have eagerly followed. In fact you’d be hard pushed to find a celebrity who doesn’t have any ink these days. Celebrity tattoos are everywhere.

Well, to keep you satisfied and up to date with the latest celebrity gossip, here are a list of the very best celebrity tattoos – get your ink at the ready.

1. Angelina Jolie
celebrity tattoos

Whilst Angelina Jolie has been in the headlines recently fighting the prospect of cancer – let’s celebrate the stunning ink she’s had.

Oh, and don’t forget that tiger she had done back in 2008 where she sat for hours to get her work of art done.

2. Katie Price


Originally having her then husband’s name on the top of her wrist with a crown underneath to represent her daughter “Princess”, the glamour model come author has now had her ex husband’s name literally crossed out – harsh.

3. Mike Tyson


Come on, anyone who opts for a huge tattoo over their face has to be on this list! Originally stepping into the tattoo parlour wanting a row of hearts over his face, it wasn’t until Tyson’s friend suggested a tribal look that he went for it.

4. Dwayne Johnson – AKA “The Rock”


The Rock travelled to Hawaii to have this monster ink – a Samoan design – over his shoulder which we must admit is a thing of absolute beauty.

He says this tattoo says everything he feels and believes in – strength, power and loyalty to his family. Celebrity tattoos at their absolute finest.

5. David Beckham

david beckham tattoo

Known for his love of tattoos, famous footballer and pure heartthrob Becks has some of the most artistic tattoos in the industry.

Beckham commented that he “expresses [his] feelings through tattoos” – ahhh bless!

6. Megan Fox


Foxy Megan, known for her stunning looks and no rubbish attitude decided to get a large image of Marilyn Monroe on her forearm as a massive “f*** you to everyone who told [her] not to”.

7. Johnny Depp

johnny depp tattoo

Depp is known for having over 13 tattoos over this body, including “Lily Rose” across his heart for his beloved daughter and Jack with a sparrow across for his son – but hey let’s face it, anything Johnny Depp does is pretty damn cool!

8. Kelly Osbourne

kelly osbourne tattoo

How can we do this list without including at least one of the Osbournes? Rock chick Kelly Osbourne who has undergone a major image transformation over the past few years has some of the coolest tattoos. Rocking a mix tape on her arm along with an “I love mummy” (in French) tattoo on her back.

9. Victoria Beckham


Part of the duo Posh and Becks – Victoria’s most well known tattoo is on her back that reads in Hebrew “I am my love’s and my love is mine who browses among the lilies”. And no one can deny that the sizing and placing of that tattoo on her is absolutely perfect.

10. P. Diddy

sean combs tattoos

The rapper P Diddy loves New York so much that rather than marry the place (because let’s face it that would be pretty weird) he did something that really was for life – got a tattoo.

11. Rihanna
rihanna tattoos

Rihanna has over 21 tattoos currently – with more to come. As far as celebrity tattoos go, she’s one of the best. From the delicate trail of stars down her back to a whole hand covering incorporating the Maori tribal on her thumb. With a variety of her tattoos being inspired by Indian henna art, her tattoos really are something to look at.

12. Miley Cyrus


With the dramatic change in Miley since her Hannah Montana days, she has also shocked us with her variety of tattoos she has gathered over the years. With one of her latest being a quote from the Theodore Roosevelt speech back in 1910.

Later her Aussie hubby to be also got inked with the proceeding line to the speech – how romantic!